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Please read our terms and conditions carefully , they are important 







Terms and conditions of booking are with 'Adventure Tourism Services' .


Our prices are shown in various currencies. Any invoice issued may be provided in your home country currency and the amounts will be converted according to the rates shown on Transferwise website , which we use for our payment system.    


There may be a requirement legal or otherwise for us to alter these terms and conditions, we advise you to visit this page before your arrival date. Any significant changes will be emailed to customers with a confirmed booking or a pending enquiry.


Acceptance: By paying your deposit you are accepting these terms and conditions of booking. Please read through these terms and conditions below before you pay your deposit. For guests booking any sea kayaking related products please pay particular attention to the information included in section 5.

1. Contract of sale: When making a confirmed booking for more than one person the designated person as shown on the confirmation letter, invoice or email is responsible for payment of the total invoice and these terms and conditions apply to that person and their contract of sale with Adventure Tourism Services. If you are not the designated person shown on the confirmation letter and wish this to be changed, please contact us in writing, indicating who is the designated person or persons, each designated person must be aged 18 or over. If a group wish to be invoiced as individuals, we are able to do this.


2. Deposit, Reservations and Final payments. The contract or sale between Adventure Tourism Services and you, the consumer, starts on the date when your non-refundable deposit is paid. The deposit is not refundable under ANY circumstances. Your invoice will outline payments due. The non-refundable deposit of 30% [or other % as agreed by us in writing] of the total cost of your accommodation, activity holiday or activity session will reserve a place for your booking. You may pay by direct bank transfer or other online payment process that we provide to you. The balance is due 90 days prior to commencement of our service to you, unless agreed otherwise and in writing by us. If you fail to pay the remaining balance by 60 days prior to your arrival date and no alternative payments arrangements have been agreed in writing between us and you, your holiday booking may be cancelled and you will lose your non-refundable deposit and any other monies paid [as explained above.] We may also write to you reminding you of this booking condition 7 days before the final payment date. Reservations and bookings made for any of our services that are within the 90-day period, require full payment at the time of booking.


3. The price stated includes: For all holiday options and activity sessions, the description shown on the relevant page for each activity or holiday option and any related add on provided in any invoice. Apart from included transfers where stated, the price does not include: Transport to and from our activity bases from your home and travel or accident insurance [which we recommend that you purchase].


4. General Cancellations issues for any prepaid products or services. The contract of sale is with the named person on the confirmation letter. The non-refundable deposit assures your reservation. The total balance of the holiday or activity session cost [less the non – refundable deposit] already paid, may be part refundable, if you notify us in writing at least 90 days prior to your planned arrival date. Should you cancel any holiday component less than 90 days prior to the planned start date of your holiday, no refund from ANY payments paid will be provided. All notification of cancellations must be made by telephone and confirmed in writing by us via email. If you change or transfer from one activity holiday to another, including any individual components, more than 90 days before commencement (of the activity or holiday you are transferring from) there is no transfer fee. We recommend that you purchase holiday cancellation insurance. We will do our best to provide you with a refund or make changes to your booking where we can, but this is generally not possible.

5. COVID 19 Specific : Payments & Cancellations : 

Should any cancellation be required due to COVID 19 where it is implicitly caused by any Government imposed travel restriction , any other monies monies paid ( apart from the non refundable deposit) , these will be refunded in full, or the total amount paid deposit and final payment, can be used as credit to reschedule your booking for the future, so long as the booking takes place and is completed within a future period no later than 18 months from your original arrival date. No price increases will apply to rescheduled bookings taken within a 12 month period. Bookings rescheduled for between 13 month & 18 month period from original arrival date may incur price increases. 

6. Sea kayaking activities: The sport of sea kayaking can be subjected to the presence of adverse conditions (wind, tide ,& other weather factors) and the abilities of the participating group as a whole. Any sea kayaking activity provided by Adventure Tourism Services is booked by you on the understanding that you accept that the sea kayaking product, service, trip or itinerary that you ordered or agreed to purchase, may be subject to change as necessary to safeguard all participants’ safety and well being. By making a confirmed booking (contract of sale) you accept that you are flexible and agree to any itinerary changes or activity modifications made by Adventure Tourism Services in the interests of participants’ safety and that you accept that no refunds will be provided for any sea kayaking activities that had to be cancelled due to adverse weather, other environmental factors or other safety related reasons that were out of the control of Adventure Tourism Services.

7. Personal details, medical conditions and disabilities: In order to participate in any of our activities each person must provide the following information, within 48 hours of confirming a booking - Failure to provide this information will affect your participation in activities included in your planned itinerary - Information required: Full name, Home address, Nationality, Date of birth, Note of any current medical conditions that may affect your participation in any of the activities for your chosen vacation/itinerary, A list of any current prescribed medication , An emergency contact number at home who we may contact in case of illness or accident. If we feel unable to safely and properly accommodate the particular needs of any person we may reserve the right to decline the booking or, if full details are not given at the time of booking, cancel when we become aware of these details. No refund will be offered. We strongly advise you to purchase travel insurance. 

8.Participant's Responsibilities: All participants are responsible for choosing the activity or holiday that best suits their interests and abilities. We have many different types of active experiences in an effort to help you choose the one that is most appropriate for you. Participants are responsible for being in sufficient health and physical fitness to participate. Individuals are also responsible for being fully informed of all holiday information and for bringing the appropriate personal equipment and clothing. Consumption of alcohol is not permitted within 8 hours of any on-water activity or cycling activity. We have the right to refuse participation. Adventure Tourism Services reserves the right at all times to terminate your holiday if your behaviour is considered by our staff or by any other person with appropriate authority, likely to cause offence, distress, danger, damage or annoyance to other clients, our employees, any third party or damage to property. In the event of such termination our responsibility for your holiday will cease, we will have no further obligations to you or your party and we will be under no further liability to make any refunds or meet any costs or expenses incurred as a result.

9. Supplements and surcharges: Any payments by credit card may incur a surcharge. All other supplements would have been indicated to you. At present, there are no other surcharges involved in or expected for any of our services.

10. Complaints: Adventure Tourism Services hope you never have any complaint with any of our services but in the event that YOU DO HAVE A COMPLAINT we want to find out about it immediately. If you do have a complaint [excluding any cancellation issues refund or payment terms as outlined above] either before or during your holiday, please bring this to the attention of any member of our staff. If this does not resolve the complaint to your satisfaction, please request our complaint proforma, return this to any member of staff and we guarantee to investigate this within 24 hours. We will also inform you of the results of your complaint and discuss these with you personally. If you have a complaint pertaining to any cancellation issue and we have not resolved this with you directly you will be provided with the name of our legal adviser who you may contact direct, or if you prefer, pass this to your own legal adviser to act on your behalf.    

11. Confirmation and further information. Once your holiday, accommodation or activity session booking is confirmed by us, we will provide you with additional information that will assist you in preparation for your participation. We ask that you contact us within 14 days before your arrival date if you require any other clarification on any matter.

12. Sharing of information: You have our personal assurance that we will not pass on to any third party any personal details that you provide to us in booking any of our services, unless we have your written permission.

Updated: January 2024 

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